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It was in 1978 when Antonio Giordano, a young apprentice, began his adventure in the restaurants and hospitality community, running up and down for restaurants, pizzerias and fast food, installing suction systems, steel tables, bar counters, self service lines.

Strong and enthusiastic about these solid roots,Years kept going.

Increasing his experience and spending useful time with restaurants owners, he acknowledged the will to no longer to just serve food and propose wines, but also to organize , manage and control each moment of the business with a professional and accurate method.

At that time orders to the production centers were still taken on paper notes generating difficulties in sharing order history with the different kitchen production centers, generating long queue at the cash-out and producing a low-quality experience to final customers.

With patience and passion, He had the ambition and the will to create an IT solution that could meet the growing demands of the hospitality and retail community.

Opening MYTEC.IT, became increasingly important in terms of quantity, quality and number of solutions. With time and experience, MYTEC achieved that extra step allowing us to say that “we are always one step ahead”.

The dream came true thanks to our solutions: mobile terminals, touch screens, automatic order kiosks, digital menu board and many others.

Simply touching an icon your POS stations, the order is already in the kitchen, at the bar, at the pizza station and the detailed receipt is ready to cash-out.  No longer “flying and unclear orders on paper notes”

Added in the suite a wild range of Reports to control your business wherever you are . Automatic mailing and webcast services.

Years after years the goal became to no longer only install quality IT Technologies but also to provide a high-quality post-sales services.

Our philosophy

A company.
Growing with our customers.

Founded in 2002 Mytec has gained a leading role in the business growing up with customers demands and partecipation.

All of our solutions come from a solid experience created on the field visiting many locations with the need to serve more than thousands of customers during rush hours.

MYTEC suite is combined with a range of software, hardware and related services along with rapidly growing cloud solutions to manage table-service establishments, food& beverage facilities and self-services.

Our suite perfectly hits a wild range of customers.  A tailor-made solution always keeping a high quality level of efficiency designed for any different type of locations and franchising brand ,

Official Partner of SICOM Inc. since May 2011, Mytec currently provides sales and high-quality services in multiple languages for SICOM products in the EMEA Area – France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Malta – counting more than 600 locations installed across the areas.

Investing every day in research and development of quick, reliable and accessible solutions to allow Food& Beverage establishments to delight their customers, maximize their profitability and move their businesses forward.

Mytec staff